Alma police station had quite the day this past October 18th due to an active shooter on site. A 28 year old Alma resident had pulled his car in the middle of the road, got out and opened fire toward the officers leaving the station. When witnesses described his behavior they say he was stumbling, jumping around, and focused on the building rather than the girls walking by him on the sidewalk. After firing his gun he received fire back from police taking cover, so he hid behind his car. He began to shoot from his new position, witnesses say they heard him saying ”Wooo!” while he continued to shoot towards the side of the building. The shooter then got in his vehicle and drove towards Alma college on Superior. Police attempted to follow after exiting the building, only some appearing to head in the wrong direction. They turned around immediately at the next possible turn to be under fire from the perp in a police chase. This led to a police car stopping The shooter ahead of him right in front of Alma college. The police and college staff evacuated the immediate area on campus, just not the whole campus. The police even shut down the entrance to the highway in a timely manner to prevent the shooter from leaving the immediate area. Shots were fired at the college and the shooter was arrested after going to the hospital to treat his gunshot wound. No officers, students, or bystanders were injured during this event.